JEYLA Exclusives

Jeyla is not just another website dealing with evil eye jewelry and accessories. Several exclusives is what makes our website unique from others and makes our customers come back often to see what is new. Jeyla prides itself in adding new selections almost daily as we feel that even though the classic evil eye jewelry designs have their own beauty, there are several other ways of expressing ourselves through evil eye jewelry pieces that are unique and rare. Here is a quick look at some of the categories that are exclusive to JEYLA


JEYLA for Men

Since launching this category a few years ago, it has almost become one of our most popular. From evil eye cufflinks to evil eye tie pins, the category provides several gift alternatives for men. JEYLA will be adding even more items to this category for the 2010 Xmas shopping season as we try to make it easier to get your shopping done at one location for everyone on your list.


JEYLA for Kids

Kids are always our top priority when it comes to protection. In cultures where the belief of the evil eye dominates, it is a tradition to give a newborn child an evil eye pin to protect them from the possible effects of the evil eye stemming from the several people who will see the baby, praise them or at times even be envious. JEYLA for Kids provides several alternatives for evil eye jewelry designed for kids. From beautiful charms like a teddy bear or a dolphin charm to possible gifts to a newborn such as towels and socks, the collection offers great ideas.


Evil Eye Watches

Evil Eye Watches is another exclusive category that we pride ourselves on. Also featured in our customized jewelry section, the collection enables you to combine beautiful watch faces with beautiful evil eye bracelets. Evil Eye watch collection originally started with only a few designs but requests and suggestions from our customers has helped us create several new designs that will match any look by providing the watches with alternative watch faces and colors.


Designer Collection

Our Swarovski style evil eye bracelets with CZ stones have always been very popular. JEYLA has several unique designs available through exploring the combination of evil eye beads with other style beads and designs. We have created a very large category of evil eye jewelry that has also carried on to other categories such as our very popular evil eye necklaces. CZ spacers used in our jewelry our of the top quality enabling it to keep the stones intact as well as maintain the shine you had on the very first day you wore your evil eye jewelry piece.  Also featured in our customized evil eye jewelry section, JEYLA is here to help you create the evil eye bracelet or evil eye necklace you wish existed as we can help you bring your dream piece to life.


Evil Eye Beads

Jeyla has the larges selection of evil eye beads in stock. The wide selection includes not only traditional evil eye beads but also features several unique colored evil eye beads  which are only available through . As a supplier to several bead stores across the globe, Jeyla is proud to provide such variety not only in terms of colors but also in different shapes and sizes.