Jeyla has close to a thousand different evil eye items but what if none of them appeals to you or you simply want to add your own touch to the jewelry you wear? Jeyla provides a solution to that problem with the largest selection of glass evil eye beads from the traditional look to the brand new Pandora style evil eye beads.

Here is a quick look at the evil eye bead selection available at JEYLA where we are proud to have the best selection as well as pricing when it comes to glass evil eye beads...



Evil eye beads date back to the Upper Paleolithic age and were first recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5000 years ago. The traditional evil eye bead collection resembles these original glass evil eye beads. Handmade by artisans over the years, the evil eye beads have always been available in a wide range of colors but the original combination involving blue and white have always been the more dominant combination. The main reason for the dominance of the blue color in evil eye beads is due to the fact that many thought that people with colored eyes (mainly blue) were thought to carry the evil eye and could inflict others with their gaze.

Jeyla’s traditional evil eye bead collection features several designs of the original evil eye bead but focuses on blue evil eye beads. Varying sizes and finishes of the traditional glass evil eye bead makes it suitable for different uses and enables you to create unique pieces that blend with the evil eye look.



If color and a modern look is what you are looking for, Jeyla has the answer with these glass evil eye beads. These evil eye beads come in a wide range of colors and most feature a protruding evil eye which adds an entirely new dimension to any jewelry piece. Different color tones of the evil eye beads help create pieces that can either blend in or help the creative spirit produce jewelry pieces that truly stand out.



Jeyla’s exclusive evil eye bracelets demonstrate only a brief look at how these evil eye beads can be combined with others to form jewelry pieces that are unique and attractive. The composition of evil eye beads with another original bead can create jewelry is different not only in appearance but almost with a story to tell.



Pandora bracelets enable you to create your own jewelry by combining different charms and spacers. The result is a unique piece that says more about you as the wearer than a piece of jewelry that anyone can buy. Jeyla’s evil eye beads that can be added to any Pandora bracelet helps you express yourself in a unique way. Jeyla’s evil eye Pandora beads are 9mmx13mm and have a .925 sterling silver core. They will fit all Pandora, Troll,Chamilia, and Biagi bracelets.